Samuel and the dame – Writing post number three-o

Here is something I wrote for my creative writing class.  It’s about telling the same story from different perspectives.  So, what you’re going to read is three times the same scene but from different perspectives.  Enjoy!

First Person

I’ve spotted her.  She is the one.  All I have to do is charm her with my dancing and singing.  “Hey, hey baby cakes, check these moves out.”   Remember the routine, remember the routine!  Right, right, spin, claw-tap, claw-tap.  She’s totally into it and impressed.  I can tell she’s never seen anything like it.  Her big, beautiful brown eyes are stuck on me and her tail is perked up high behind her.  When I bring this gal home, mom and dad are going to be royally pissed off.

Third Person

Samuel, his name translated into English, was trying his hardest to find a mate.  His number one criterion was to find a female that would disappoint and even anger his parents.  They were too traditional and resisted conforming to Canadian society since they migrated here.  They’ve always put so much pressure on him and nothing he did was good enough for them.  This was his time to show them he didn’t care anymore.  When he spotted the beautiful, doe-eyed female he began his dance routine that he had ritualistically practised for days on his branch in front of a broken mirror.  He was going to woe her, court her, and bring her home to meet his parents.  They were definitely going to disapprove because she wasn’t from the same species.  The look he was going to see on his parents’ faces is what truly motivated him and he was going to do whatever it took to disappoint them.


A front lawn tells more tales than one could imagine.  The flowers speak to one another, the grass weeps under the heavy weight of shoes, and the animals tease each other with continuous attempts to steal each other’s dinner.  Oh, the animals.  From the second-storey window, it might appear that a bird on the rot-iron fence below is about to be attacked by a squirrel.  The squirrel is sceptical of the bird and glares at it without moving a hair.  The bird?  Well, the bird is just trying to find his future mate.  He has been practising his mating dance for a day; a time equal to three human months.  But, little does he know, he doesn’t stand a chance in hell.  The squirrel has been happily married with three pups for 6 bird years now.  But, of course, she could never tell the him that and he could never understand even if the she tried.


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