First Day of School – Writing Post Number Tuo

For this exercise, we were supposed to think back to our earliest memory and then re-tell the story from the age we were at the time. 

Shoes, shoes, shoe-shoe-shoes.  My new school shoes are white with a strap that goes over the top and sticks, just like that.  It’s so easy to put my shoes on.  Mommy let me do it by myself because she says I’m starting kindergarten today and all the big girls in kindergarten love to put their own shoes on.  She’s right.  I do.  I wonder if anyone else at school will have pink stars on their shoes so I ask mommy.  She says she doesn’t know but if I see another person with stars on their shoes, I can be their friend.

Sometimes when I walk I look at my feets to see how they move on the ground.  When I look at my feets, the ground looks fuzzy and when I look at the ground, my feets look fuzzy.  This ground I’m walking on is made from bricks.  I know that because of all the rectangle shapes.  I learned a new shape called pyramid.  It’s made from sand like on a beach.  This ground stops at a gate with a big fence around it.  Wow, the fence is as high as dad!  I’ll have to tell him at dinnertime.  Kids are running around and screaming on the other side.  It sounds scary and I want to go home now.  I know I can’t because mommy keeps walking to the gate and she’s pulling me with her.

My sister is in grade two.  She says that her school yard is different from mine because hers is where the big kids go.  Not being with my sister makes my stomach feel funny and all I want to do is squeeze mommy’s hand tighter and tighter and tighter until she says “ouch”.  I know it hurts mommy but it makes me laugh in my head a little when she says “ouch” like that.  Maybe I did it on purpose for pulling me to the scary place. 

A lady with fluffy hair is smiling at me from the gate.  I smile back but only for a mini second.  I want to look at my shoes.  We are closer and Fluffy Hair takes my hand and mommy tells me she’s going now.  I ask, why?  She tells me that she has to go to work.  All I want to do is cry.  So, I cry but the crying makes my stomach hurt.  The more I cry and the more my stomach hurts, the more I can’t breathe.  I’m about to yell “mawwwww-meeeeeee” but then, it happens.  Fluffy Hair says: “Oh, oh, looks like breakfast made a re-appearance.”  On the bricks is a gooey pile of brown.  No one is screaming anymore but saying “ewwwwww”.  I check my shoes.  Phew, nothing on them.

I bend my head back to keep the tears from falling over the edge of my eyes again and it works.  Fluffy Hair pours sand on the goo.  I ask her if it’ll turn into a pyramid now.  She laughs and says “no silly”.  Why am I silly?  We go inside and walk into a big room with lots of tables and chairs just right for people like me.  She goes into a cupboard like I have in my kitchen and says: “I have the perfect thing for when these types of things happen.”  Fluffy Hair comes back to me and puts her fist out facing down.  Her hair is so fluffy!  I put my hand under it and she drops the sweetest and tastiest thing ever.  A LifeSaver!  I pop it in my mouth.  It’s red flavour, my favourite.  If I have to come back tomorrow maybe it will be “a-okay”, like dad says.


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