…that’s what I’ve said to anyone who has told me to start a blog (it’s actually only ever been one person).  Me?  Blog?  Get over it!  But, here I am…blargh.  I actually just want a place I can post my writing because why the hell write if no one is going to read it?  Oh god, I’m assuming someone is going to read it (anyone out there?…there?…..there?…..).  Well, even if it’s by accident, thank you for reading!  I’m trying to figure this site out (so many menus!) – it’s been awhile since I’ve had to learn ‘new software’.  I teach computers with the Peel Board and only last September did we upgrade to Office 2007 and that was confusing enough.

Anyway, on to figuring this shit out and then Jane says I have to open a Twitter account.  Welcome to 2009!  What?  Twitter has been around since 2006?  Jesus…


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